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Blockchains as Pharma's Trust Catalyst


EyeforPharma Webinar, June 29, 2018

Panel discussing whether people have  the right to legal ownership of data about them and whether data as personal property should be the 31st  right in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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Digital Pills in Medicine


Dr. Oz show featuring our founder, Dr. Jennifer E. Miller on the ethics and privacy concerns around the use of digital pills in healthcare, medicine, and the pharmaceutical industry

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Big Data Ethics Conference @ Baruch College, NYC


Baruch hosted a summit, March 15, 2018, on the ethics of Big Data: What is it, how it's being collected and used, as well as privacy and ownership concerns. Speakers included: Jennifer E. Miller, PhD, Assistant Professor and bioethicist at Yale; Nanda Kumar, PhD,  Associate Professor of Information Systems at  Zicklin School of Business; Nizan Geslevich Packin professor at Zicklin School of Business; and Ronald Jansen,  Assistant Director UNSD

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Cyber Security Summit 2018


The Impact of Evolving Technologies on the Cybersecurity Threat

Privacy, Quantum Computing/Encryption, Machine Learning/AI and the Internet of Things


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New Human Data Ethics Lab

Hu-manity.org & www.BioethicsInternational.org announce a collaboration to support the first Human Data Ethics Lab

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